Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Jungle Tour

We took a Panga from San Blas for $400 pesos and I had no buyers remorse. I believed it was worth every cent, even though I met people who did the same for less. We had planned to do it ourselves with the dinghy, but the crocs are easily missed if you don’t know where they are. Samantha could not reach far enough with her camera to get a little closer. They both had a blast, we ate berries along the way, went under bridges and the mangroves. The feeling is magnificent. We had two stops, the first; at the crocodile farm and the second; Tavora, where the girls swam and we had a plate of ceviche and tostadas.

The dark sights of our adventures in San Blas
I felt that my soul was robed when both of my cameras decide to fail. I had nothing to help me perpetuate the moments. Matt’s camera had failed earlier in the trip and we were down to only Samantha’s one, but she was having too much fun with it so I had to wait and beg her for a turn. Thanks to a Google search I was able to find answers to my issues with the Nikon and I had Matt perform surgery on it. HE FIXED IT!! Now I have my fun back, at least part of it. My video camera is still acting up.

The few days we stayed in San Blas were enough to feed a colony of mosquitoes. As we say in Chile: “nos hicieron chupete” Trini and I were the most affected by them. Up until this day I am dialing with the bites.

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